Tips for owners of an online store to go on vacation without the business sinking

September 30, 2019 | | By Lauren Watts | 0 Comments

Internet does not understand schedules, holidays or holidays; allows users to buy at any time of the day and any day of the week. But that does not mean that owners of online stores do not need their holiday period and time to disconnect and recharge.

The arrival of summer represents a good opportunity for these entrepreneurs to take a vacation. Trusted Shops trust seal offers six tips that every online store must take into account so that its followers and customers do not complain about the lack of staff behind the screen.

  1. Do not close the online store completely

When, for example, you move to a “maintenance mode”, the online store disappears completely from the screens, and even the web positioning achieved with so much effort drops quickly, since the contents are no longer available. For this reason, in no case should the store be completely disconnected from the network, even temporarily.

  1. Reward customers for the wait

A smarter solution can make customers happy with your vacation and even attract new potential customers. If you link the notice of your holidays with a discount or with a free shipping for orders that are made before the end of your vacation, consumers will value it very positively.

  1. Leave a substitute

If there is someone who can take part of your work during your absence, at least partially, you can reduce possible delays in communication and in the shipments. However, this only works correctly if there is a trusted partner or employee who knows the day to day of the store.

  1. Actively advise customers of the absence

To inform your customers with transparency of your holidays, it is advisable to set up a notice clearly visible on all the pages of your store. In this way, you will avoid possible disappointments or anger when the consumer is aware of it after an attempt to buy.

  1. Report longer delivery times

For many online sellers, it is preferable to allow orders during the holidays to prevent customers from buying during that time. In this way, new orders can be produced, even if the merchant is not present and the sales volume does not fall completely. In this case, it must be clearly indicated that delivery times will be longer.

  1. Report on time

To avoid upsetting your regular customers if they can not buy or receive orders within the usual delivery times, let them know at least 14 days in advance and clearly visible: on all pages of the store, on all orders , in the newsletter and in the social networks that you use.


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