Do you want to start a business online?

October 4, 2019 | | By Lauren Watts | 0 Comments

Riding a Business on the Internet , more than ever is a way out of the crisis and unemployment. Thousands of SMEs have disappeared in recent years, and there are now more than 5 million unemployed people in Spain (we are approaching 25% of the active population, it is said fast).

Uninviting data, right? In this environment, it is difficult to believe that a third party is going to bring us the desired job.

So when there is no job, launching and opening your own business is a valid option.

Nowadays, online businesses have very low establishment costs, and you can operate online without even setting up a structure, to validate the potential of your idea before formalizing it and paying the taxes that the State presents to all the daring entrepreneurs. Having initiative will cost you € 3,000 of Capital, and a minimum of € 285 of autonomous fees, per month. But today, I do not want to talk about how well the State is doing, helping those who undertake.

Today it’s time to be positive and look for a valid option to get out of the well, and mount a project that makes sense. Throughout history, times of crisis have always been times of great opportunities:

Facebook and LinkedIn were launched just after the crisis of internet start-ups in 2000
Monopoly, Apple, FedEx, KFC or Microsoft took their first steps in times of severe economic crisis
In times of economic crisis, they usually offer discounts in advertising, decreases in important prices in investments, super-qualified employees at a price …

Few companies already set up face the risk with optimism, but a few crazy if they tend to launch and set up their business, because after all, they have nothing to lose.

The Internet continues to radically change the way we do business

Apart from this conjunctural economic crisis, technological changes continue to introduce disruptive changes in many industries, at an increasingly higher rate. The other day, having a coffee with a friend who just set up an online business , we talked about how everything is changing the Internet and almost naturally, without anyone noticing the changes.

In less than 10 years:

The online banking is a reality that few dare to discuss
The online purchase is part of everyday life for all, either to make Christmas shopping (+ 20% each year, with a huge peak at Christmas) or to make grocery shopping
C ada more people forget their travel agency to buy last – minute bargains online at Atrapalo or book a cottage in the mountains of France in Toprural
The music sector still has not found solutions to their problems and sees sales drop again by 17% in 2009. It resists offering free music in mp3 format to dedicate itself to selling concerts, merchandising products and licensing agreements. of use. Prince and Madonna have not been wrong and have adopted the new model
There are hardly any videoclubs anymore and the future of automatic kiosks is very black . The traditional audiovisual production is suffering an unprecedented crisis, and the cinema looks for new forms of financing with participative models with fans
The traditional radio falters with services like Spotify or where the user is protagonist with its music, its channel, its “radio” and interact with other users
The sale of technological devices is mostly done online . The sector of traditional photography in paper format has almost disappeared
This Christmas have landed in Spain’s readers ebook s (Kindle and company). Within 5 years, the paper format will have disappeared from the professional environment, replaced by a more practical, more ecological and reusable product
Ecological producers open a direct channel to sell oranges or vegetables / legumes directly to the consumer. Seafood is also bought online directly from the Galician rivers
The volume of purchase of lotteries over the internet continues to experience unstoppable exponential growth
Every day that passes, with the arrival of the electronic DNI, citizens can complete administrative procedures directly on the internet
The processes of recruitment of qualified or unqualified personnel have been radically transformed, the online channel with InfoJobs or Monster and social networks being the main weapons of the recruiters.
Online markets such as ODesk move more than 265 million dollars every quarter putting clients and suppliers in more than 150 countries around the world (almost 500,000 suppliers) in contact to outsource services such as: accounting, secretarial services, web design, IT developments, marketing , communication, IT, translations, …
¿ Who still watching TV ? Young people do not do it, I (not so young) every time I spend less time in front of the TV and more in front of my computer screen
We stop here this list without end.

The services have not always been cheapened , but reduce the number of middlemen, buying large volumes and cut advertising costs (vs offline), it often reflects in most attractive prices on the Internet . But over the internet, there is more flexibility ( 24 * 7 * 365 ) and it is faster.


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