Did you know that 97% of the entrepreneurs who start a project are slaves

September 12, 2019 | | By Lauren Watts | 0 Comments

of their own business?
It is that cruel, but the reality is that all of us who start to develop a business do so with great enthusiasm and with the hope of succeeding.

The reason why a person decides to start their own business, is very varied but there is a pattern that is common in all. Make money .

Actually, having a business that generates enough income is directly related to the freedom that these income can provide you and this is the cause that drives many entrepreneurs to get going.

Have money and time … There is nothing!

The Race of the Rat
business system rat raceSeveral years ago, I learned what the rat race is and I realized that I was among that 97% of people who could not get out of it.

If you observe a rat running inside a wheel , you will realize that no matter how much you run, it will always be in the same place .

And that is what usually happens. You work in your business to earn money, but the expenses, the commitments with your clients and the unforeseen circumstances of a business, mean that you have to spend more and more time to earn practically the same.

That is, no matter how much you run, you do not move from the same place . You have no freedom or time.

Ask yourself a question What would happen if you did not go to work for a month? When you come back will you find your business better, worse or the same as when you left?

Most likely, not only is it worse, but the effect of your absence makes it virtually impossible to resuscitate it.

Expectations vs. Reality
Setting up a business that generates income , that gives you freedom and therefore time for you, is not an easy task.

In fact, as I mentioned at the beginning, only 3% get it … Good luck? Not at all. Luck plays an important factor, but nothing is fundamental.

The reason why some get it and others do not, is called SISTEMA .

Creating a system that works for you , without you having to spend all your time to run your business, will give you money, freedom and time .

The Money Flow Quadrant
Robert Kiyosaki, is an expert in business system and the creator of The Cash Flow Quadrant .

According to Kiyosaki, on the left side of the quadrant are people who change their time for money (Employees and Self-Employed)

On the right side of the quadrant , there are people who have created a System to change money for money (Business Owners and Investors)

Who do you think has more freedom and time ? Right! The people who are on the left side of the quadrant.

You probably think that creating a business system requires a strong initial investment or a work team in which you can delegate.

None of that is necessary. What is essential is to correctly plan your work methodology and find several different sources of income .

Logically, it depends a lot on what your case is;
If you already have a business, if you still do not have it but you are going to launch it, if it is services or products, if it is a traditional business or it is online …

Surely you have to train yourself in some fields that you do not control right now. To do this, you must do a course and “update” as much as you can.

Learn to manage your time , plan correctly and delegate simple tasks that take up too much time and prevent you from doing things that are really important.

This is easier said than done, I know from my own experience, but if you are clear about where you want to go, you will end up improving it .

Of course, the best way to create a system that works for you , is to have an online business because it does not necessarily require a large investment and you can also diversify.

You can sell products, services or both, but also, they do not even have to be yours!

Imagine being able to sell third party products online without having to deal with the risks of stock. Companies like Amazon, Ebay or Clickbank , allow anyone to sell products from their catalog from a particular online store and generate income from sales commissions …

Or create courses of something you master! Trust me. It’s amazing how this type of service works. People demand it more and more and it can become your recurring income from the one you spoke before and also you have no limits … You can sell all over the planet!

Setting up an online business may require initial investment for someone to develop the whole system, but you can also train and create it yourself . (See Online courses)

The point is that you really love the idea of having a business with a system that works for you.

If so, I am convinced that you will do anything to get Money, Time and Freedom


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