Cleaning of buildings and companies: Keys, prices and improvements

August 8, 2019 | | By Lauren Watts | 0 Comments

Sometimes when we request the services of professional cleaning of several cleaning companies , there are considerable cost variations, which at first glance we can not understand.

The variations of the amounts that we find when comparing cleaning budgets of buildings and companies , always tend to have an explanation based on keys for improvement.

In this article about cleaning of buildings and companies, keys and improvements , we intend to explain the variables that influence the prices and services of professional cleaning companies, to understand why there may be differences between budgets that apparently correspond to similar services.
Keys that influence the variation of prices in cleaning of buildings and companies
The prices applied by professional cleaning companies may vary due to different factors when providing their services:

➨ The procedures used to carry out cleaning tasks can accelerate or slow down the time spent in these activities, whose labor costs that range between eighty and ninety percent of the total must necessarily be passed on to customers. in your budgets and invoices.

➨ The general infrastructure of a large cleaning company with a machinery park in constant renovation and adequate maintenance including repair costs, a fleet of vehicles to transport machinery and operators, facilities according to business volume, with storage areas for merchandise , tools, tools and good administrative facilities, carry costs different from those supported by self-employed or small family businesses.

➨ The contracting of a civil liability insurance policy by professional building cleaning companies is essential, and must be adjusted to the extent of the business volume, the risk in the activities to be developed according to the production sectors and services provided, also assuming a significant cost, which can vary the budget depending on whether the insurance is available or not.

➨ The use of a greater or lesser amount of cleaning products in the sanitation of spaces will also be passed on to the client.

There are different procedures for the sanitation of spaces, among which some do not require the use of specific products obtaining equally effective results.

As an example we can imagine the cleaning of surfaces with detergent products, or with the use of a high pressure steam machine, which only uses water.

➨ The quality of the cleaning products, the replacement of consumables and the ability to negotiate discounts for consumption of large quantities with suppliers, also affects the final price to be invoiced.

The large professional cleaning companies have a greater turnover in the consumption of products, so that purchases in large quantities allow them to reach more advantageous agreements in their acquisition, with the lowest cost to their customers.

➨ Another point to take into account is the cost item for the workers’ registrations and their correct and punctual contributions in the fixed terms, to the Treasury of the Social Security.

There is, as in all sectors, cleaning companies, that by defrauding the public administration in this sense, they achieve a reduction in costs, paying only the wage to their employees, and presenting their clients with much tighter cleaning budgets , with the consequent risk, sometimes unknown by the contracting users, of being involved in serious problems in the event of accidents, accusations, or unexpected inspections.

➨ The large professional cleaning companies allocate a part of their profits to a constant training of their workers, both in the prevention of occupational hazards in their sector, as well as learning techniques, procedures, products, time management and management. most current machinery , reflecting a part of the expense between the billing of its customers.

➨ The greater or lesser distance to the points where the cleaning services will be provided , with the consequent transfer of personnel and machinery also varies the amount of the budgets and billing of the clients.

➨ Another factor to take into account will be the percentage of profit set by each company.

➨ The frequency of the services and the tasks to be carried out are key when fixing the prices of the offers in cleaning of buildings and companies . Reason why the services that require more amount of hours by their nature, will directly affect an increase of the cost for the clients.

To balance the costs, it is necessary to carry out a detailed study in the cleaning of buildings and companies in a particularized way, according to the needs of each client, thereby achieving the most satisfactory frequencies.

The first thing that makes a cleaning company with extensive experience in the sector when making a budget for cleaning buildings and businesses , is to establish a service protocol that defines each task to be performed, time spent, number of Operators involved, products and machinery, and frequency. Being a factor that determines the price and quality of benefits.


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