Cleaning companies – How to create them?

August 31, 2019 | | By Lauren Watts | 0 Comments

Does everyone want to have a neat company and be clean perfumed? If you care about hygiene, take advantage of this quality! and learn to create cleaning companies, undertake polishing your skills.

Many people believe that cleaning is a degrading job, however, it is one of the market niches that has more demand and for a simple reason, cleanliness is synonymous with good reputation, professionalism, order and good health. So stop prejudice, do not look at the sides and dare to start with the cleaning companies.

Before starting with a cleaning company you should know:

Labor is key.
The price should not be too high since it is a job that requires little qualification.
It is usually charged per hour (although it also depends on the labor laws of each country).
The important thing to start with cleaning companies is to get a high percentage of customers .

In order to compete in the current market and against the economic crisis, it is necessary that cleaning companies offer flexible services and rates to their customers. The key point in this type of company is the creativity and innovation with which the company is managed. You can use raw materials, uniforms, employees, uses and unusual tools that attract more customers.

On the other hand we can also say that the name and logo of innovative cleaning companies can give you an extra point with respect to your competition.

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The rate depends on how clean you are
There are 2 factors that influence the low rate of cleaning companies:

The high competition. So much demand and so many similar companies make the prices have to be more competitive.
Unfortunately, everyone wants to be clean and have their things very neat, however, many believe that the people who perform cleaning jobs are cheap labor (very poor, foreign and illegal).
That is why to start with cleaning companies should be emphasized in increasing productivity. How to get this? You can possibly do it if you use some of these tips:

Get machinery that streamlines cleaning
Use standard cleaning techniques that reduce working time with the same result.

Brighten up your business plan and achieve clean success
In this case we will focus on the companies that offer a cleaning service. Forget that sign that says “Beware! Wet floor “and change it to” Beware! Entrepreneurs cleaning “

1) Identify the business idea first
In this case it is cleanliness.

2) Describe the service
Of your company, that of the competition, the present needs in the market and the production process. To do that, you must ask yourself:

What is going to be cleaned? Housing, buildings, private companies, government buildings, public spaces, means of transportation, etc.?
Is it indoor or outdoor cleaning? You must define the objective and the process well because it tends to be confused with maintenance.
Who is your client? Housewives, singles, university campuses, individuals, groups of people, government entities, construction companies, companies that work with animals, event companies, filmographic companies, etc.? Remember that the TV series CSI has taught us that there are also crime scene cleaners (it is up to you to choose this niche cheerful little market).
How is it going to be cleaned? Defines cleaning techniques, machinery, process, etc. Also, you should determine whether your company offers: daily cleaning , cleaning periodically , timely cleaning , cleaning sectors or sustainable cleaning (Green Cleaning).
How to get the raw material? Define who and how you will acquire the cleaning products and machinery, how is the payment, the guarantee, etc.
Complementary tasks? Define if you will do advice, if you will do maintenance, sale of cleaning products, etc.

3) Human resources
Define the number of people you need to perform a job, what characteristics they must have, what activity they will perform, what machinery they will use, the policy of using machinery and dealing with the customer. It does not hurt to tell you that you need to define the salary, the benefits, the obligations of the employee, the obligations of the company, if you need insurance against risk and medical insurance, etc.

Having these aspects very clear before hiring staff will avoid expenses in future lawsuits.

4) Legal Obligations
Define which are the laws that benefit you and protect you and what are the legal obligations of your company. It would be good if you included the types of fines you can face to shield yourself from them.

5) Fair play
The cleaning market is full of products and many of them are harmful to the environment. Investigate what are the obligations and ecological sanctions of your country with respect to the protection of the environment and the use of cleaning chemicals. In many cases, governments favor (with loans, concessions, contracts and financing) companies that cause the least possible ecological damage.

6) How will you promote your services?
Define each step of your marketing strategy. Remember that if you do not promote yourself, you do not exist . You must advertise by all possible means.

EYE! Do not advertise the city dirty because you will dirty your reputation. In Emprender Fácil we recommend that you use social networks and the Internet as a first option and then get contacts going door to door, leaving business cards and brochures (on recyclable paper please).


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